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The most common headlight udgrades

There are about 5 conversions that seem to be the most popular. In the picture (WHERE) you see them in order from left to right, top to bottom, as they are listed in the two seperate categories below.

Stock Housings
This is probably the most common "upgrade" that their is for the '93-'97 Camaro lighting - and for good reason. It is cheap, it is convenient, and it requires very little work to do. Notice I didn't mention it's quality though. Although when the proper bulbs are used, it is a noticeable "better," it isn't an extreme improvement. This upgrade consists of nothing more than siliconing new bulbs into the stock housings. For an install guide, and more information on this upgrade, please click the link above to the "4152/4153 Bulb Swap" Page.

Upgrades by Conversion
There are four main conversion upgrades that are most popular with '93-'97 Camaro owners. They are:
*Hella FF75 Conversion
*The Hella 90MM Projector Conversion
*The Nissan Silvia Conversion

Of these, the Hella FF75 conversion is likely the most popular. The Hella 90MM projector conversion and the Nissan Silvia conversion are the two most recent conversions. These 4 require the use of different housings, of course, and depending on the conversion it is, and the quality you desire, some fabrication/modification work. See the appropriately titled pages above for more information on each of these.

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Wraith's Site
Wraith is a member on the CamaroZ28.com Message Boards that built the first "Lighting Guide." As neither his nor mine site is nothing more than a collaboration of information, here is a link to Wraith's lighting guide, and this is just a note to thank him for originally picking up this torch to help keep the board from being bombarded with questions on everything lighting.

Wraith's 4th Generation Lighting Guide

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